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Here are the CRP data for your selection(s):

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CountyTownship/CityPracticeExpiration DateAcres
AitkinAitkin townshipCP229/30/20184
AitkinAitkin townshipCP229/30/201811
AitkinAitkin townshipCP229/30/201827
AitkinAitkin townshipCP229/30/201910
AitkinAitkin townshipCP229/30/20184
AitkinCornish townshipCP229/30/20194
AitkinCornish townshipCP229/30/20195
AitkinFarm Island townshipCP229/30/20182
AitkinFarm Island townshipCP229/30/20182
AitkinFarm Island townshipCP229/30/20183
AitkinFleming townshipCP229/30/20197
AitkinFleming townshipCP229/30/20194
AitkinFleming townshipCP229/30/20192
AitkinHaugen townshipCP229/30/20195
AitkinLogan townshipCP229/30/20182
AitkinLogan townshipCP229/30/20188
AitkinLogan townshipCP229/30/20188
AitkinLogan townshipCP229/30/20183
AitkinMorrison townshipCP229/30/20195
AitkinSpencer townshipCP229/30/20192
AitkinSpencer townshipCP229/30/20193
AitkinSpencer townshipCP229/30/20197
AitkinSpencer townshipCP229/30/20192
AitkinUT 52-27CP229/30/20195
AitkinUT 52-27CP229/30/201915

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