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Follow the simple three-step plan to create and analyze your own Minnesota property tax database. When you're ready to go, click Generate Report.

You’ll need to choose the geographic area you want covered, which data elements you want us to provide, and how you want us to display the data. You do this by first choosing your Boundaries (county, school district…), then your Location (specific county and township/city), and finally your Attributes (year, summary level…).

Where appropriate, use Continue to move back to the main page and view your updated choices. To move back to the main page without making your changes take effect, press Cancel.


1. Boundaries  
  Jurisdiction: Counties
2. Location  
  County(s): Aitkin
  Township/City: All Townships and Cities
3. Attributes  
  Year: 2013
  Aggregation: Taxing Unit(s)